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Wine Bottle Design- Research

Our latest Typography Brief is to design an Italian wine bottle marketed at 21-35 year old professionals. The solution should be mainly typographically based as opposed to image based.

To start this project I have been researching the various forms of wine bottle currently on the market- this has revealed a number of factors I should take into account- bottle shape, label size, colour scheme, packaging design, cork decoration. It has also allowed me to see what works and doesnt work when marketing wines to certain demographics- certain shapes and styles look cheaper than others- some apparently more directed towards a blue collar market, and others to those of more discerning tastes.

I also researched a little into Italian culture, learning that Tuscany is one of the main suppliers of wine in Italy. Italy is of course the origin of modern thinking- being central to the Renaissance it has an incredibly rich artistic and architectural history. I may wish to incorporate these ideas into my design, bearing in mind I must still create a contemporary design which isnt necissarily rooted in the past.

Finally I looked into Italian typography to see if I could find any inspiration there. Again, this isnt something i’ll definitely incorporate in my design, but is useful ammunition to have just in case.

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