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frame render 1.png

What if the world's most iconic musicians were in fact all characters of an epic Space Opera?

That's the elevator pitch for Bohemian Galaxy, a conceptual idea for an animated series created in the style of classic 80s cartoons such as Masters of the Universe, Thundercats, etc.


The video opposite is the first style test, showing a 3D modelled ship (with hand painted shading) on a 2d background and a logo animation.

The frame rate was dropped to 12 fps and some grain added to give that classic 80's feel.



Ace Pilot mercury flies across the galaxy righting wrongs and opposing the Corporation where possible.

Flamboyant, daring and indomitable - Mercury believes that nothing is impossible, and that anything can happen in the Bohemian Galaxy


Timeless, mysterious, the ephemeral Queen of Thunder abhors injustice and suffering, and seeks to put an end to it wherever it is encountered in the Bohemian Galaxy.

Although not officially a monarch, her followers venerate her as such, and few would argue her influence is just as powerful.

Queen of Thunder
oddity concept sm.png


No one truly understands whats happening behind the eyes of the inscrutable being known only as 'The Oddity'.

Having been spotted in all corners of the Galaxy, adopting a number of forms, reports of what the Oddity even looks like are inconsistent at best.


This powerful being at least seems benevolent, with humanity's interests at heart.

prince sm.png


The deposed prince of a planet conquered by the Corporation.

He threw away his titles and even his very name, until he could one day reclaim his throne and bring peace back to his people.

Now, he travels the galaxy searching for allies, as he starts his revolution.

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