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DES312- Skinning, and Rigging (Unfinished)

1. Open up your model, attach a cat skeleton

2. Select your model, choose the ‘Skin’ modifier from the create panel. Underneath, click the Add button to add the bones you want- choose every object that starts with ‘CAT’. (NB This is why you need good naming conventions for your objects)

3. click the ‘Edit Envelopes’ Button in the modifier panel- you will see grey lines in the mesh where the bones are.  Clicking any bone will add a colour scale to the model, showing what parts of the model are affected by bones. – red vertices are affected by the bone, orange less so, and blue even less so. You will also see 3 elipses around the bone- which can be scaled and moved to directly change where the bone influences the mesh.

4. Further down the modifier panel is the option to ‘Paint Weights’ . Uncheck the ‘Paint Blend Weights’ box and

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