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Lightscapes – An experimental method of creating paintings.

So I’ve recently become addicted to, a fantastic blog featuring all kinds of visual brilliance, as shown by my friend Allyson Black, a wonderfully talented artist whose work can be seen at

It inspired me to be a bit more creative when working- break away from my usual materials etc. Ive been doing some stylistic painted landscapes and wanted to recreate one in unconvential media.


This is just a prototype to test the method but I’m pretty pleased.  Basically I took lots of long exposure shots of me waving a flashlight in a dark room. I then placed and coloured them in photoshop to create a sunset.  The foreground is just a layer with some blur applied.

Improvements? spend more time picking a richer colour scheme for the sunset. Also- use more light streaks- this one was composed from about a dozen photos, so its a bit patchy. Perhaps also create the foreground from lightstreaks but invert the colours and make it black?

Some of the trickery involved:

Some of the individual light streak photos.

The streaks placed and coloured in photoshop (before additional correction was made):

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