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Personal Branding and Resume

I recently created a series of branding materials for use when applying for jobs – two business cards and an infographic style resume replace my old microsoft word CV, which at 5 pages long wasn’t doing me any favours.

Shown below is a 3D render of the whole range:

branding materials render

(This was a simple scene rendered in mental ray)

And here is a closeup of the design work on the two styles of Business cards:


The larger card is designed to be folded in two, with the illustrated side on the interior.

The Cards are designed to be printed at home on high quality card, on sheets of 7 per page. Each sheet will print 4 small and 3 ‘wide’ business cards.

The rear of the card is then printed with part of this montage:

business card blue BACK RGB

The montage was put together from various pages created through my comic illustration career so far. As such, every card has a slightly different image on the back.

Finally the Resume / CV as shown below. As a multi-disciplinarian, the problem I found in a traditional CV was in conveying my list of skills without taking too long. I found the ‘rating out of 10’ system to be useful in condensing this information into an easily understood format. This has received criticism that it ‘undersells your skills’ or  makes some skills look weak, but I still find it an effective way of distinguishing between primary and secondary skills.

infographic CV 2016 rgb

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