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Quick Little Update!

Updated: May 3, 2023

Wowsers. Its been a while since I updated! I’ve been busy – working full time as an artist for Uproar Comics, an independent publisher based here in Northern Ireland. My first comic just went on sale last week – in the interests of keeping things visual, here’s an animated trailer for it:

Extra shout out to Jonny Lynn (@JonnyLynn89) for the animation. If that tickles your fancy, head over to to order the first issue!

I just graduated from the University of Ulster this summer – If you’ve been following this Blog you’ll be familiar with Bound, the game I created for my final coursework piece. I plan on doing just a little more work to it when I get time, but until then, it’s available for FREE here:

gameplay c

Any developers out there who haven’t already- check out – its a great little platform for updating your games!

Right now I’m getting back to updating all my blogs and things – I just took the plunge and signed up for a tumblr account! I’ve been a little lax lately from finishing Uni and starting work full time, but its time to start getting back to showing off! As always, there’s still plenty of learning to be done so I’ll be adding a few tutorials here and there as I do them – probably more unity and 3DS Max stuff, but I might try adding some comic book tutorials as well – God knows I need the practice. My anatomy is awful!


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