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3D bits and bobs

Just some extra things I knocked up in 3Ds max, mostly using the lathe modifier. The wine glass was simultaneously incorporated into another project. I dont have a materials library installed on my home version of max, so I had to learn a few basics in creating my own materials- applying bitmaps to surfaces, and adjusting glossiness, reflectiveness etc to get the glass looking right. its probably still not realistic if set next to an actual photograph of a glass in similar setting, but on its own it seems to do a good job.

On both these pieces I was able to muck about with lighting- using omni and spot lights, I figured how to adjust the shadow settings, and how bright the lights are, but still need to play with certain settings to see their effects.

Looking back at these screenshots I can see an issue with how I’ve created my glass material- particularly noticable in the third image is that although you can actually see the floor behind the glass, you cannot see the back of the glass itself, making the object look more like a very reflective metal than a transparent glass. this can probably be fixed with one tick of the right box in the materials editor- if I could only find which one…

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