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DES306 – Course Leaflet. Final Designs

This is the final design for my leaflet brief. I was requested to design 5 leaflets, one for each degree course in the University’s School of Creative Arts.

I looked at various designs, from folded paper to origami cubes to metal bottle openers with a QR code etched on.

I also looked at old disco and rock concert posters, thinking that it could provide an eye catching aesthetic which would attract the eye of teenage potential students.

In the end I veered away from this approach for 2 reasons- firstly for the design limitation of only using 3 colours and no imagery, and secondly because I was looking into alternatives to using paper for my leaflet (Experimentation is the name of the game this year!)

The design is folded acetate the size of a credit card, the text is positioned so that the title of the course is in the centre, it is framed with the blurb text describing the course, and the background is formed from a QR code. the transparency of the acetate gives the folded leaflet a 3d sculptural quality. The design template of each leaflet is the same, but each one is a different hue. This shows them all to be of a series.

When prototyping the design I made one half the size – just larger than a postage stamp. Although the text might be too small, the leaflet this size would be unique and cool.

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