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DES306 Graphic Design: Corporate Branding Project

For this project I had to design a new logo and branding for a local wildlife preservation centre. The brief stated it had to be useable in both colour and B+W, and had to be suitable for a busness card, letterhead, and web use.

I had two ideas which took wildly different forms- shown below:

This first idea is quite subdued, with a sketched bird resting on quite a plain text logo. This could be inverted to show black or grey text on a plain background, ie for use as a letterhead or comp slip.

My second idea is much more colourful, and uses silhouettes of birds in flight to make the letters TACT. Since the Trust places a large focus on educating people about wildlife and the importance of avain care, this logo suggests more accessibility to the public, and also promotes the Trust as being fun as well as educational. I also explored how this logo could be adapted down the line, in the following pictures.

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