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Wine Bottle Design- Progress update.

I have the idea of what my wine label/bottle should look like, and am using 3ds Max to create a digital representation of the final product. This is because the shape of the bottle and packaging are integral to the brand, as opposed to just sticking a 2d label on a standard bottle, It also provides extra practice with the 3ds Max software we are learning in another module.

I have come up with the idea of using a plain cylindrical bottle with a screw on plastic lid, which when emptied of wine can be re-used for storing pasta/olive oil etc. This is then sold in a cylindrical bottle which hinges vertically and clips closed. The reasoning for this is that the opening of the wine should be ritualised and made into something special- the consumer first removes the cap, opens the box, and then unwraps the paper, finally revealing the bottle underneath.

The box contains all labelling-  the word ‘Toscana’ is displayed vertically along the cylinder, and on the bottom there are labels with the wine’s volume, country of origin etc. The word ‘Toscana’ and the cap are coloured to reflect the contents of the bottle, with both red and white varieties available.

The shape of the box will be used to advertise the wine in magazines, billboards etc, with the unique hinge and vertical ‘Toscana’ label used as an effective minimalist poster as shown below.

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